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Submit this form with your order of a complete harness. Your harness will not be made until this form is submitted and the harness has been purchased.

The best measurements are taken from a harness you are using on the horse for whom the harness is being purchased. Even if it doesn't fit quite right, you will get more accurate measurements by measuring that harness and adding and subtracting from those measurements. For example, if the britching is 2" too short, measure the britching you have and add 4" (2" for each side) to get the length you need. If you are taking measurements off a harness, TAKE THE HARNESS APART AND MEASURE THE PIECES FLAT. The measurement will vary a great deal from a measurement taken "round" such as a browband still attached to the crown piece and curved. Use a soft, dressmakers measuring tape. Print the form for reference

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Submit the following measurements if you need a custom fit. (Optional)

From the corner of the mouth on one side over the poll, to the corner of the mouth on the other side.

Browband. If you are measuring the horse, note whether the measurement was taken against the horses head, or loose like the browband will be. A typical measurement for a horse is about 17-18" for the browband itself.

Noseband, taken two fingers below the prominent cheekbone on the horse. If you are measuring a noseband that you are using buckle it into the holes that you use, lay it flat and take the measurement and double it. A typical horse measurement would be about 23-24".

Girth-Measure all the way around the horse where the girth and saddle will sit, behind the withers. If you are measuring a harness, unbuckle the girth on one side and then measure from the tip of the buckle on one side, along the bottom of the saddle, to the hole you buckle into on the other side.

Back band-Measure from the back of where the saddle would be to the base of the tail. If you are measuring a harness, measure from the back of the saddle to the hole you buckle the crupper into. Note whether this was taken from a harness, or the horse.

Hip strap-Measure from the top of the britching to the top of the britching on the other side, NOT the holes that you buckle into. The length of the uptugs can vary from harness to harness. If this is taken from the horse, use a string to hold around the horses butt, while you measure over the top of the butt to the string on the other side. This is a two person job!

The D ring of the britching should come to about the bottom of the whorl on the horses flank, just in front of the stifle. Measure from the whorl just in front of the stifle on one side, to the whorl on the other side, keeping the tape level with the widest part of the butt. (Much more easily done with two people.)

Breastplate-The buckle on the breastcollar should come back to the area of the saddle skirt. If you are measuring the horse, measure from just behind the elbow, around the front to just behind the elbow on the other side.

Neckstrap-Measure from the top of the breastcollar to the top of the breastcollar on the other side, NOT the holes that you measure over the top to the top of the string on the other side. Again, a two person job !

Take your current complete breastcollar and trace set up (if you currently have buckle in traces, buckle them at the hole that you currently use) and fold the entire piece in half to locate the center of the breastcollar, then measure the entire length from center of breastcollar to the back of the D ring or slot that you attach to your carriage.

If you don’t have a harness to measure or don’t yet have your cart, measure the length of your horse, even with the front of its chest to even with the back of its butt (do NOT go around to the center of the chest and butt like when measuring a blanket) and then add 15-18” for a horse, 12” for a mini.

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