Shaft Shields

The protection your horse needs on the marathon, but in a small, lightweight package that gets the job done.  The pads attach at the tug loop, so they travel with the shaft, and are held away from the horse by the harness saddle, allowing the free flow of air underneath.  The outside is a hard composite material that will stand up to years of abuse, but the inner layer is soft glove leather.  Sandwiched in between, is a thick 1/2" layer of padding which extends past the edge of the top layer to ensure the comfort of the horse, making them more than willing to make those tight turns. 

 To attach the pads, simply unbuckle your tug loop, slip the tug strap through the top hole from the back to the front, rebuckle the tug loop and slip the buckle down strap through the bottom hole and buckle onto the over girth strap as usual.

If you use a super shaped breastcollar, such as a Freedom collar, or an Empathy collar, you will need to order the pads with curved corners, so they don't interfere.

Notice the scuffs on this shield, evident already in Hazard 5 of the first marathon they were used in. Glad it wasn't the horses ribs that had been taking this impact.


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