Custom Classic

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The upper saddle shows the padding standard on the Custom Classic. The lower saddle is the padding on the Wash N' Wear harness.  Notice the square shape of the padding, which prevents the saddle from rolling back with the back band.Many choose to order a second, show bridle to dress up for Dressage and Cones.  Camptown bridles are made with leather blinkers, winker stays and crownpieces.  It is not possible to make a shaped beta crown piece. I believe a winker stay should have a wir<p><font face="Georgia" size="3" style="background-color: #343434">The finish on the saddle is hard to tell from real leather. Many drivers are using theirs for all phases of CDE's and lower level pleasure shows. </font></p>I need to crop this pictureTraces may be ordered with slots, D ring, or combo endsYou have your choice of a floppy or D ring neck terretRusset lined harnesses are availableYou can upgrade to the Camptown Freedom Collar at the time of order for $100 with synthetic lining, or $125 with glove leather liningThe Custom Classic comes standard with the oval browband, but you have your choice of any of these styles

The custom made, leather lined harness that Camptown is famous for.  Continuously tweeked and improved, many improvements have been made since the old "Comfi Fit" design, including a vastly improved construction of the saddle, rolled and padded crown and many other small but important changes.   The strapping used in Camptown Harnesses has been tested extensively to ensure that it will tolerate contact with oil based fly sprays and not be affected.  Lined with a specially sealed leather that repels most oil and sweat, it is still an easy care harness. After all,  we at Camptown believe that using a synthetic harness should mean care-free maintance and durability.  If you have to wipe it down frequently, or be careful of how you use it,  it defeats the purpose !!!!!!!!! Attention has been given to every detail, and as always,  it’s guaranteed to fit !!

Camptown saddles are stuffed with a dense cell material not used by any other harness maker which allows the saddle to actually conform to the horses back, providing unparalled comfort for the horse.

Included in this price increase (the first in 5 years) are the previous cost for upgrading to a Freedom Collar or Quick Release tugs, which in the past were $130. The only breastcollar upgrade now is for the new Support Collar ($50)which will be added shortly. If you are interested in this new innovation, you may email me to receive photos.  Pair Harness includes pole straps and trace carriers. For pair harness shipping, add $20.

$35.00 - Shipping will be combined on multiple purchases. I will send you an email with the combined shipping charge for your order.