Freedom Collar

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The Freedom Collar trace attachment will accomodate virtually any line of draft.Brass and patent Freedom Collar to go with a show harness. You may order an all leather neck strap to go with your show harness also.

Give your horse the freedom to move that he deserves and do it in style. This collar gives the choice of colors and finishes that you want, dress it up or down, your horse will love you for it. The trace attachment is on a D ring to accomodate a wide range of draft angles. You will find that these collars will fit a suprising range of horses. The Cob/Horse size collar has been used on a 13.3 welsh pony and a 15.2 hand morgan and fit both well. The pony has a center point of shoulder to point of shoulder measurement of 14 ½ inches, the cobb/horse 16 ½ and the large horse is 18 1/2inches. The pony size fits Dartmores, smaller welsh etc.  The large horse fits 16.2 plus, and has been used on large (17 hand) draft crosses, to help give you an idea of the size your equine will need.

It is normal, when adjusted correctly, for the neckstraps to be "one hole off", with the front one adjusted one hole shorter than the back.  Also, I have found that people have a tendancy to not adjust the collar as high as it should be to fit well.  Make sure you have adjusted the neckstraps so that the upward sweep of the collar is above the point of the shoulder.  The false martingale should be adjusted snugly. The collar should lay flat against the horse when in draft, not tipped in at the top or bottom.

 A Freedom Collar is not as long as a standard breastcollar, therefore it will not "wrap" around the horse as far as you are used to.  To determine whether you have the correct fit, look at the fit at the point of the shoulder, not the length from the saddle.

Although we can make the collar with a sythetic lining,  strongly reccomend the waterproof leather lining. It is much softer and does not wrinkle around the curve when wrapped around the horses shoulders.

The collar comes complete with neck strap, and false martingale.

Add $30 for pair rings. A complete leather collar (leather neck strap, falsemartingale, etc) is $300.  Leather collars are physically heavier than the stock combo collars.F

 For Pair Drivers: Although we have done everything we can to reinforce the trace attachment and D rings on the pair collars, I do not warrant them against hard impacts. If you hit a post or some other object very hard, the strapping on the harness MAY  NOT HOLD.  There is no issue with "normal" pair driving.


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