Camptown Harness Policy

Camptown Harness is founded on the tradition of fit and quality. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions regarding equipment purchased from Camptown Harness.

Camptown Harness products do not come with any limitations to the warranty based upon the use of oil based fly sprays. In fact, the beta used in Camptown Harness products has been extensively tested specifically with oil based fly sprays, and does not deteriorate as a result of contact with fly spray oils. I believe the reason for using beta harness products is that you should be able to use it without thinking about how you use it or what you use it around.  That is the point of using a synthetic product. 

I make every effort to charge as close to actual shipping as possible. A real pet peeve of mine are places that try to make extra hidden profit on shipping charges. That being said, shipping has been increasing due to fuel prices.  Also, being an active driver and competitor, I have tried to keep my prices to the absolute minimum that I need to keep the business profitable, and to provide you with an outstanding value, so I don't have cushion built in to the item prices to cover losses incurred in shipping.  Shipping will be combined on multiple purchases.  I will send you an email with the combined shipping charge.

Custom Classic Harnesses are shipped within 30 days of when the order is complete (meaning I have received all measurements). We make every effort to ship replacement parts within 7 days.  Other items, such as bridles and reins are generally shipped within two weeks.

Please notify me of any fitting issues within 30 days of when your product is shipped.  We don't have to have any fitting issues resolved within 30 days, but I need to know about them, and I do want them resolved in a timely manner.  Certainly within 30 days of notification. If the parts that need returned are not received within 45 days, you will be charged for the replacements.

Harnesses are not generally returnable. I will make every effort to satisfy any issues regarding fit. If a harness is accepted for return, there will be a restocking fee of 25%. Shipping charges are not refundable.

If notification of a  fitting issue is recieved more than 30 days after the product is shipped, a 25% fee will apply.

If notification is recieved more than 60 days after the product is shipped, a 50% fee will apply.